Dark knight joker viral marketing

Pet the Dog : Chechen pets his dogs, early in the movie, while calling them his "little princes." This makes it all the more disturbing when, later in the movie, Joker decides to have the Chechen cut up and fed to those dogs, for calling.
Justified in a different way than usual: Gordon is expecting the Joker to strike again using the funeral salute as cover promotional code for easyjet flights for his sniper.
Bruce Wayne drives a Lamborghini Murcielago.
When they're done, Grumpy draws his pistol and aims it at Bozo, believing that the Joker has Bozo to kill him after they load the cash, unaware that Bozo is the Joker.Eventually the pedestal is broken when Harvey loses Rachel, half his face, and eventually his mind.Aliens has started a conspiracy website to subtly plug the movie.Do you know what all of reduction bon amazon these things have in common?Harvey Dent definitely has his moments.Crane: Not my diagnosis.Even though The Joker knew or suspected about Batman's feelings for Rachel, he didn't need to for his gambit.There is a lot of backstory for the show revealed.Lucius Fox: Let me get this straight.Some- (boom) Establishing Character Moment : The heist at the beginning sets the stage for how the Joker works.Twisted Echo Cut : Rachel tells Harvey her answer to his marriage proposal is "Yes." Batman then kicks down the where Harvey is imprisoned, causing him to shout, "NO!At the very least, Maroni and the Chechen seem to be friends regardless of the situation.And though he's only in the film for a few minutes, Crane gets in a few good ones too: Scarecrow : I said my compound would take you places.Or check out these 20 Baffling Foreign Movie Posters.Joker: See, I'm a guy of simple tastes: I enjoy dynamite, and gunpowder.
The Hyena : The Joker Hypocrite : The Joker is offended when people call him a "freak but has no problem using the word on other people, AND on himself.

Another backfire in the world of viral marketing: IBM's " Peace, Love, and Linux " ad campaign from 2001, in which artists would stencil images of a heart, a piece sign, and Linux 's penguin mascot Tux across the streets of San Francisco and Chicago.Supporting characters such as Harvey Dent and Jim Gordon are more than capable to hold their own, non-action ones like Alfred and Lucius are very dominating, and even minor characters like the bank manager are deadly.Fallen Hero : Harvey Dent.Dramatic Irony : Dent believes that the police and Batman decided to save him instead of Rachel, when in reality, the Joker set it up such that they'd be saving the person they hadn't intended to save.Batman: No, but I know how you got these.Smash Cut to Maroni- Diabolus ex Nihilo : The Joker comes out of nowhere.Of course, this is the whole reason they had transceivers in the first place.He's definitely in it for the psycho part, though.