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What followed was a stream of emails, spoofed tweets and carte cadeau play store leclerc messages with the sole intention of gaining control of SJ's account.
"Quite a lot of young people are going to be getting very good jobs in that field very soon." Follow Dave Lee on Twitter @DaveLeeBBC.
Will the sense of reckless abandon continue?Then again, maybe they take a break after a tireless half-decade, they enjoy it too much, they lose motivation and call it quits permanently.Backstreet Boys and their ilk in the early 2000s, folks lost interest in the stuff.Let's take a look back at the guys' incredible (and sickeningly cute) journey from 'The X Factor' hopefuls to the biggest boy band in the world.The boys will continue to personally grow in the ybe they'll want to lead calmer lifestyles, and that will be that.To get noticed, it means hours and hours of effort to clock up the points.Sometimes One Direction was doing 18 or 19 concerts a month, and theyd been going at a crazy pace for five years.Harry Styles Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty ImagesHarry Styles still speaks of One Direction in the present tense according.Each member has ensured us that this thing they're about to embark on is just a lengthy holiday.
The have been afraid it might not happen, but there is a lot of recent good news indicating everything will happen according to plan and 1D will be back on time if not before.

Will they feel dated compared to the fresh-faced boy bands?It's a reward, it's what they dream, what they really want." The company has teamed up with artists, including Conor Maynard, who has granted highly sought-after meet-and-greets to fans with the best Buddybounce scores."There are a few others like SJ who are benefiting right now, from a young age says SJ's mum, Rebecca."For fans now, that kind of interaction is so sought after - a mention, a follow.Did you work out the artists based on the fan army names listed further up this piece?No, in an age where so-called "big data" is changing business, it's also changing what it means to idolise as well.That is the second hint that eventually everything [email protected]_Danny - Danny O'Donoghue used Twitter to tell everyone he was leaving BBC talent show The Voice, and he also keeps fans up-to-date on his day job as lead singer for The Script.
Looking at you, 5 Seconds of Summer.

In March of this year, Zayn Malik left, one Direction.
He was saying come back right no while they are still in demand.