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A couple of months before they re-branded the whole thing, people were promo catsan carrefour simply throwing ice on their knuckle heads to avoid having to donate 100 to their favorite charity (not so favorite if they were trying to avoid the donation).
What does it take for a piece of content to go viral?
It is possible that the target audience for a video of animated babies is not the same demographic of people who would ever by Evian water under any circumstances.
#NoMakeupSelfie March 2014, similar to the above, the #nomakeupselfie dominated UK users Facebook timelines throughout March this year.It depicts all four members of the band performing a complicated dance routine on moving treadmills.When you buy the a products, you become a participant in its meme.The video went viral because it was seemingly shot in one take while the man listed all of the reasons why he is more desirable than any of the viewers partners.ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Viral Marketing Example.The website for The Blair Witch Project created an air of mystery around the film.
This tear-jerking ad from MetLife Hong Kong is a tribute to the sacrifices parents make for their children on a daily basis.

But this spoof video in aid of USA Comic Relief, that paired Coldplays Chris Martin with the cast of the hit HBO fantasy series, proved a massive hit on the internet, getting 15 million views.The best viral marketing campaign examples inspire multiple views or visits.The landscape of popular music is littered with one hit wonders, and it is a given that most bands will not have sustained success.Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise October 2013.With that in mind, smaller brands with more limited budgets should perhaps define "viral" on their own terms.They know that their videos will probably never be played on music channels, so they make videos for their fans to pass around in miniature viral campaigns of their own.Real Beauty Sketches film.The ad has faced criticism for oversimplifying the problem of domestic abuse, but it still contained a powerful anti-violence message.(20m views in February 2015, Googles Android ramped up the cuteness overload for its follow up ad to Be Together, Not The Same.
Evian baby me April 2013, evians babies campaign is a common favourite amongst marketers and the public alike, proven by the fact this video has over 96M views!
OK Gos success is doubly interesting when you factor in the bands current status as a one hit wonder.

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Instead of paying for television commercials, the studio opted to set up and maintain a website.